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Companies have invested assets. These mainly consist of their production equipment and their property assets.

If appraised regularly and recorded in the balance sheet, they represent a potential value that is never called into question during the entire span of their use.

Thanks to its knowledge of the industrial market, its high-quality work, and the experience acquired by its employees over the past thirty years, LUTECE INDUSTRIE will enable you to appraise your assets with respect to the international market, even if they are fully depreciated. When manufacturers auction off their depreciated assets, they are often pleasantly surprised to learn that their value is far from being negligible.

Our appraisal reports are precise, exhaustive and reliable, and are customised according to the expectations and needs of our clients. LUTECE INDUSTRIE always collaborates closely with its clients in order to fulfil their expectations, which differ depending on their business sectors.

Our appraisal reports enable our clients to facilitate and optimise their decision-making process with respect to asset management.

Contact LUTECE INDUSTRIE's Appraisal Department in order to meet its personnel and obtain any additional information that you may wish to acquire. This will not, of course, entail any commitment on your part.


Advice and assistance

LUTECE INDUSTRIE advises and guides its clients regarding the decisions to be taken to promote the liquidation of their assets. Keeping the business sector and selling radius in mind, LUTECE INDUSTRIE will propose the solution that will best meet the client's requirements, and will always act so as to optimise the financial outcome of the sale. To accomplish this, it will use a customised and unique approach for each sale.

Asset management

Our appraisal reports meet our industrial clients' requirements, and enable them to import them into their Group database for managing assets. The streamlining of asset management enables companies to make non-negligible savings, as they do not have to bear the financial cost for unused or obsolete equipment, and can also save on substantial charges such as professional taxes, insurance, security, maintenance, etc.

LUTECE INDUSTRIE can also help companies liquidate equipment or surplus stocks.

Asset sales

LUTECE INDUSTRIE will always provide you with the most suitable and speedy solutions, regardless of whether you need to partially or fully shut down a site, change a manufacturing process, modernise and upgrade technologies, fully or partially change the location where an activity is carried out, vacate premises by a specific date, or reduce load. In this way, you will maximise the financial management of your assets.

LUTECE INDUSTRIE will help you determine the sales strategies that will best suit your company, keeping in mind your problems and requirements.

LUTECE INDUSTRIE will liquidate your assets in the best way possible, whether it is through webcast or online auctions, private sales, or sales through calls for tenders. Moreover, it will quickly find international industrial buyers by means of a targeted marketing campaign, which will use modern and effective means of communication.

  • Mailing and e-mailing using a database of international manufacturers
  • Targeted press campaign
  • Internet campaign
  • Telemarketing
  • Designing photo-leaflets and catalogues of high technical and visual quality, in French and English. This exceptional service will undoubtedly enhance the outcome of the sale of your assets due to its professionalism.

These sales methods are extremely effective, but are not well-known among manufacturers in France, unlike the rest of the EEC and the English-speaking countries. These methods make it possible to organise an event that results in the optimal liquidation of a company's assets within a very short span of time, and, most importantly, at a price corresponding to market price.

Contact us if you would like to meet us regarding a project to sell assets.