With LUTECE INDUSTRIE, you will benefit from a team of professionals who have more than 30 YEARS of experience in the domain of industrial sales, for Small and Medium Enterprises as well as for large companies.

LUTECE INDUSTRIE organises expert valuations and international equipment and process sales at the request of its industrial clients, regardless of their business sector. These clients choose to delegate the sales of their assets to a professional industrial valuator, so that their employees' valuable resources can be used for tasks that are more important for the company's development. Moreover, the primary business of these clients involves using the machines relevant to their area of expertise, not selling them.

LUTECE INDUSTRIE provides these clients with high-quality support and advice that are guaranteed to optimise the value of their various industrial assets by maximising exposure to international buyers.

For each project, LUTECE INDUSTRIE appoints an employee with the relevant industry experience as the project manager. This project manager supervises all the appraisal, sales, and decommissioning operations in collaboration with a manager from your company, and does so while adhering to the industrial site's safety and security plan.



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Why delegate sales operations for invested assets to a consultant?

  • because such operations fall outside the company's field of expertise.
  • because exhaustive appraisals (at a truly marketable value) of highly diverse products, which cover practically all industrial markets, are best left to specialists.
  • because the tools that disseminate information and enable assets to be placed on the market remain very specific, and require sizable files that are constantly updated.
  • because in practice, the effective execution of the operations (appraisal, information-gathering and dissemination, visits, sales events, pick-ups, and accounting management) is a "full-time" job, and cannot be achieved through vague half-hearted contacts.
  • ... and lastly, because these operations, which require the skills of several experts from many industrial fields, cannot be carried out using a roughly-made plan, and should be carried out by a respected and highly qualified service provider.

Our experience and professionalism will open the doors of the industrial world to you, in order to:

  • Rapidly liquidate your assets at a price corresponding to the market price
  • Optimise the sale by inviting a large number of international buyers to participate in it
  • Benefit from demand that exceeds supply, thanks to LUTECE INDUSTRIE's privileged access to international manufacturers, which it maintains by constantly updating its files
  • Vacate premises by a given date
  • Avoid dismantling and storage charges
  • Secure payments and pick-ups
  • Benefit from a suitable, customised, and reputed organisation

Thanks to its international network, LUTECE INDUSTRIE can also help you to target a foreign buyer for a specific process or a complete production unit.

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